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!!!! Viome Test Result from a customer perspective. !!!!

View the contents before investing in a Viome Stool Test.

The following looks at what was promised in a Viome Stool Test, and what you actually get !!

See the Comment section on the bottom of this page before investing in a Viome stool test.

You might think, wrongly as it turns out, viewing one of the podcasts associated with Viome, that you know what type of results to expect.

I viewed the Interconnected series with Dr Pedram Shojai and Dr Helen Messier. At the time of the podcast Dr Helen Messier was the Chief Medical Directory at Viome.

This was an in-depth podcast that covered:

Viewing the results using a Viome supplied App, that can be viewed on Android and Apple systems.

Note: the App is only compatible with later versions of Android and iPad.

Comment: The Viome stool test is based on questionable AI science - checkout the AI tab for further information before having your stool analysed.

Viome analysis is claimed to be RNA based - ie expression of the DNA, but with questionable link between the role of the microbiome and RNA expression.

The Digestion and Absorption is primarily carried out in the small intestines and this is the responsiblity of enzymes and co-factors from the pancreas. The Majority of the Microbiome, bacteria, actually live in the colon rather than the small intestines, unless you have an unhealthy gut, SIBO. Thus the bacteria have a neglible role in nutrient digestion and absorption. The microbiome bacteria primarily live on the waste product from the small intestines and thus using the bacteria from your digestive waste product is based on questionable science for determining your individual 'healthy diet. Thus ask more in-depth questions before having a Viome stool test of your microbiome.


An additional in-depth review of Pedram Shojai stool results, for informational purposes only, was included in the podcast, and unfortunately you won't get this information yourself.


Test Results Demonstrated in the Dr Pedram Shojai and Dr Helen Messiers video/podcast

The App showed:

i) Microbiome Overview:

The App in the podcast indicated if the Microbiome was well balanced.

Comment: none of the above was given in my reports – This is valuable information, in particular the butyrate production since it feeds the lining of our gut, insulin control for blood sugar regulation, satiety and control our genetic expression, anti-inflammatory.


ii) Microbiome Scores:

Both of the above present in the report, with the results being shown as a bar chart.

Dr Helen Messier indicated that future versions of the App would have more than the two above ‘scores’, but my report just had an simple inflammation level.

On the ‘Learn More’ sections this included:

The above ‘Learn More’ sections were not available in my report.


iii) Microbiome Richness and Diversity:

Microbial Richness score

Total number of active strains of different types of gut bacteria in the microbiome - higher richness gives the capability to perform more functions.

Low to high richness bar chart to show result.

Microbial Diversity score

Comment: Only a Microbial Richness score was provided - dumbed down version.


iv) Activity Summary:

Following present in my report.

Following not present in my report, though demonstrated in the App in the podcast:

Top 5 Beneficial Microbes, with indication if they are highly active.

Your Microbes


Future versions:


There is a lot of emphasis by Viome on the role of the microbiome for the health of your digestive system, but a lot of their claims are based on unfounded science.

In practice:

Partial digestion of protein and magnesium, iron, calcium, zinc, B12 is carried out by the stomach.

Remaining digestion of protein into amino acids, absorption of minerals, vitamins, electrolytes, starches, fats etc through the intestinal wall into the blood stream is carried out by the small intestines in conjunction with bile from the gallbladder to emulsify fats in our foods and enzymes from the pancreas to break down the food into its constituent parts.

Thus it is important that we have the correct stomach acid, bile salts and enzymes for the main part of out digestion - with minimal microbe help.

The microbes in the microbiome normally only occupy the last 5 feet of the digestive track.

The microbiome feeds on the 'waste' from the small intestines, after the main digestion and absorption of minerals / vitamins / electrolytes has taken place.

The microbiome feeds on this 'waste' to digest any fibre, where possible - not all soluble / insoluble fibre can be digested - and depends on what microbes are present.

The microbiome recycles about 90% of the bile.

The role of the microbiome in your health is still largely a mystery.

The is no single healthy microbiome - everybody's is different - and will vary according to a large number of factors, environmental, dietary etc. and the microbiome will automatically change to accommodate and even change when we have seasonal diets.

The Viome test tests the stool, but since you have a mixture of fixed bacteria - ie in the gut wall, and transient bacteria - in the digestive fluid. Therefore just analysing the stool is very inaccurate since it only looks at the bacteria at that time and does not take into account the widely different transient times of the bacteria.

Thus the Viome stool test is very 'hit and miss' and probably accounts for the large number of negative reviews.

If you take a Viome stool test every day for 5 days - you will get a different result each day due to the inaccuracy of the Viome stool testing method.

Viome no longer give percentages of each of the bacteria in your stool sample since it is totally inaccurate as to the bacteria content in your digestive track.

The diversity of your microbiome is very important to allow your digestive track to cope with the assults of everyday living, but here again the Viome stool test method cannot be relied on for accurate results.

Viome recommendations can make your health worse - taking certain probiotics can have a negative effect on those with an auto-immune disease, but Viome does not warn you about this.


Save your money - the Viome test is too inaccurate to be of any value.

The science / AI behind Viome recommendations to manipulate the microbiome is still unfounded and thus cannot be relied upon.

It is more important to sort out proper digestion and absorption in the stomach and small intestines first.

Stool Test:

Ordering a stool test from Viome is like ordering a hardwood coat-hanger and receiving a 'rusty nail'.

AI - Artificial Intelligence

AI based on unfound science??


Too many inconsistences

to be of any value.

Poor dietry advice.

Advice to avoid food with Phytic Acid questionable.

WARNING -If you have an auto-immune issue, their supplement recommendations can make it worse!!