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Viome Test Results - AI - Artificial Intelligence

AI - Artificial Intelligence

Viome indicate that AI, Artificial Intelligence is required to be used to create the results from the vast amount of information that is generated from the stool sample.

However, after seeing my results, you begin to question, was it worth it??



I have a list of bacteria present, but no idea of how active any of this bacteria is, and thus the list is next to useless without this activity level.

The dietary advice is questionable - avoid almond nuts due to their phytic content, but ok to eat other nuts that may have higher phytic content.

Simply soaking the nuts over-night will vastly reduce the pyhtic acid content and make the nutrients more bio-available to the digestive system.

A simple list is given of foods to avoid, minimise or enjoy.

An Artificial Intelligence system should be able to indicate that by avoiding food 'x' this will result in reduced nutrients 'a', 'b', 'c' and therefore you need to each foods 'y' and 'z' to ensure you get these nutrients.


Thus we have to ask ourselves why is Viome analysing the bacteria in the stool for determining a healthy diet, which appears to be a waste of time and not really based on sound science - this is probably why Viome doesn't provide a scientific explanation and everything is 'shrouded' in the mysterious 'Artificial Intelligence' - though rubbish in results in rubbish out comes to mind!.

How can analysing bacteria in your stool from the colon be helpful when it is the digestive enzymes in the small intestines responsible for digestion and absorption of all nutrients and electrolytes - without the help of bacteria.

Companies are now looking at controlling the 'expression' of the genes at the RNA level, as a better way of improving your health, rather than 'poke' around in your stool looking at your waste product


Thus with the questionable science behind the Viome analysis of the stool I was left with feeling I had paid for a wooden coat hanger - but ended up being given a 'rusty nail'.

Viome indicate that they can supply any results they want and you cannot use the Interconnected video between Pedra Sojam and Dr Helen Messier as a basis for what to expect.

There is nothing on the Viome site to indicate that the results Viome give has changed from that previously given, the ordering information has not changed.

On the Viome website there is now a video of the Viome owner, Naveen Jain' expounding the benefits of microbiome testing with AI for the detection of diseases.

This is backed up by other studies for Screening for Colorectal Cancer.

Conventional methods of detecting polyps (that could cause cancer) can be dangerous.

Recent studies indicate that a simple stool sample, analysed for certain bacterial populations in the gut microbiome, may be all that is needed to determine if cancer (or precancerous conditions) exists.

However this sounds great, but this is NOT what the Viome stool test is offering.


What was Promised:

The Dr Pedram Shojai and Dr Helen Messier video promised activity levels of your microbiome and other analysis, but in reality Viome delivered a dumbed-down second rate dietary recommendations that had too many inconsistencies to be of any benefit.


What you Receive:

You get a 'dumbed-down' version with very questionable AI interpretation.



Will I go for a retest - you got to be joking.

If I had been aware that I was only getting a 'dumbed-down' version of that demonstrated, in the Interconnected series with Dr Pedram Shojai and Dr Helen Messier, I would not have ordered the test in the first place.

For what you get it was expensive for the poor quality information that was provided.

From my personal experience you cannot rely/know what you will get when you order a Viome test and thus the possible value of such a test is very low.

I do not want to order another wooden coat-hanger, only to end up with another rusty-nail !!

Stool Test:

Ordering a stool test from Viome is like ordering a hardwood coat-hanger and receiving a 'rusty nail'.

AI - Artificial Intelligence

AI based on unfound science??


Too many inconsistences

to be of any value.

Poor dietry advice.

Advice to avoid food with Phytic Acid questionable.

WARNING -If you have an auto-immune issue, their supplement recommendations can make it worse!!