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Viome - Test Results - Phytic Acid


Phytic acid

This is a plant protection mechanisn used by some plants on its seeds to try and protect itself from being eaten before its seeds are ready to germinate.

The human digestive system can generally tolerate a certain amount of phytic acid.

Phytic acid, however can inhibits the absorption of certain minerals, such as iron - with absorption increased as much as five times when phytic acid was reduced.

It acts as a anti-nutrients which can interfere with the absorption of important nutrients.41

You may think that if Viome warns you to avoid certain foods, particularly some nuts, high in phytic acid that is a good dietry recommendation.

However when you investigate the quality of this 'AI, Artificial Intelligence' advice, you find it lacks goof dietry advice.

In my report it recommended I avoid almonds due to the phytic content.

However when you actually analyse this advice you find the phytic content can vary considerably for various nuts:

Almonds 0.4 - 9.4%
Brazil nuts 0.3 - 6.3%
Hazel nuts 0.2 - 0.9%
Walnuts 0.2 - 6.7%

I am told to avoid almonds due to the phytic content but enjoy walnuts and brazil nuts, even though it is possible fo the phytic content of walnuts and brazil nuts to be a lot higher than the almonds.

The problem with this low grade 'AI' advice is that there are simple solutions to reduce the phytic content of nuts so that you can benefit from their nutrients.!!

Simple soaking of the nuts over-night has the benefit of vastly reducing the phytic content and actually increase the availability of the nutrients to the human digestive system.

Stool Test:

Ordering a stool test from Viome is like ordering a hardwood coat-hanger and receiving a 'rusty nail'.

AI - Artificial Intelligence

AI based on unfound science??


Too many inconsistences

to be of any value.

Poor dietry advice.

Advice to avoid food with Phytic Acid questionable.

WARNING -If you have an auto-immune issue, their supplement recommendations can make it worse!!