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Viome - Test Results - Supplements

The Viome recommendations includes a list of any probiotics it recommends that you should take as a result of the analysis of your stool sample.

Viome recommended:

Lactobacillus species - lactic acid bacteria

No specific species(s) are recommended, so probably just a generic recommendation, rather than as a result of a AI examination of my stool. There are at least 50 species and multiple strains of Lactbacillus.

We have various strains in our oral cavity (L.acidophhilus, L.paracasei, L.thamnous, L.plantarum, L.gasseri, L.crispatus, L.salivarus, L.brevis, L.vaginalis.

However the science is still unclear - some sources will indicate that Lactbacillus will normally be killed by the stomach acid when swallowed via our saliva, whereas others indicate it will survive passage through the stomach acid.

Detecting these particular oral strains in our stool is an indication we have weak stomach acid, thus suggesting the former is correct.

However Lactobacillus is a 'transient' bacteria - ie if it is there it resides in the fluid in the digestive track and thus quickly passes through, whereas the long term residents are embedded in the stomach wall.


The other big issue with Viome's crude recommendation of Lactobacillus, is that specific strains can make anybody with auto-immune problems worse!! Thus instead of improving your health it could be making it worse.

Lactic acid bacteria is associated with energy production in muscle tissue, so the role in the gut is not clear?.

Bifidobacteria species

There are at least 50 plus species and multiple strains. Again Viome's AI does not recommend any particular species(s) and thus the recommendation is probably just a generic recommendation, rather than as a result of a AI examination of my stool.

Apart from the issues above, taking probiotics will only temporarily increase these bacteria for a short while.

Without the necessary fibre / environment they will not last.

The various bacteria strains are in constant battle with each other in the colon, and can create antibodies against each other, and thus it is very difficult for any probiotics to get a foot hold. Only if they can offer something that the existing bacteria want will they have a chance of surviving at all. Thus bacteria that are grown to thrive in yogurt will inevitable not survive in the hostile colon environment.


Viome just gives a simple list, doesn't indicate for how long / frequency that these probiotics should be taken for and which foods provide the necessary fibre to enable the bacteria to thrive.

Yes Viome provide a long list of foods that are 'good' for us, but unless we are super wealthy to be able to buy each of the foods, we are not informed which foods will provide the most benefit for the recommended probiotics.

Stool Test:

Ordering a stool test from Viome is like ordering a hardwood coat-hanger and receiving a 'rusty nail'.

AI - Artificial Intelligence

AI based on unfound science??


Too many inconsistences

to be of any value.

Poor dietry advice.

Advice to avoid food with Phytic Acid questionable.

WARNING -If you have an auto-immune issue, their supplement recommendations can make it worse!!