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Viome - Test Results - Viruses

The Viome results list any viruses that it detects in our stool sample, and the fruits / vegetables they are associated with.

The implication being that we have been infected by a virus due to eating particular fruits / vegetables

These viruses may have been on the fruit / vegetable when eaten, though it may be difficult to detect to wash off or it was on the leaf

The implication is that viruses can cross the gut - blood barrior - even if we do not suffer from 'leaky gut'

We are told to 'avoid' these foods to prevent possibly being infected by future viruses lurking in the fruit / vegetables.

Viome appear to be unclear about the affect of the viruses on the digestive track. On the results they sometimes say it could 'potentially' causing inflammation, and other times 'potentially' enhanced immune response, but inconsistent in its 'AI' analysis.

Viome doen't know how long the virus(s) will reside in your gut after you stop eating the foods.

My results indicate I am the proud owner of 4 viruses:

However I have not eaten some of these fruits for many years and thus it appears they are taking up permanent residence, but still shedding the viruses into the stool.

Without Viome having more positive proof of the virus effect on inflammation or the immune system it will be difficult to know whether this advice on avoid these fruits will be beneficial.



Various out of date studies, suggest that the human bacteria outnumber the human cells 10:1, it is currently estimated there are 30 trillion human cells to 39 trillion bacterial cells .

Also we have 10 times as many viruses as bacteria!!.

And we have many more fungi as viruses.

Thus if we have that many viruses in the testinal tract anyway and we having been living with them for eons, how come the concern about the odd few viruses associated with a limited number of fruit and vegetables.

Are these viruses giving some symbiotic benefit to the testinal track which is why they appear to still be there many years after we have stopped eating the associated fruit / vegetable.

Shouldn't Viome only being giving know facts rather than basing some of their recommendations based on a possibility of imflammation, enhanced immune response.

An enhanced immune response may actually be beneficial

Elimination of a virus that has a protective effect can thus allow a more harmful pathogen to be more virulant, as indicated in other studies, but Viome's use of AI does not appear to take this into account.

Stool Test:

Ordering a stool test from Viome is like ordering a hardwood coat-hanger and receiving a 'rusty nail'.

AI - Artificial Intelligence

AI based on unfound science??


Too many inconsistences

to be of any value.

Poor dietry advice.

Advice to avoid food with Phytic Acid questionable.

WARNING -If you have an auto-immune issue, their supplement recommendations can make it worse!!